All we need to get started is a referral, whether it be from your doctor, your therapist or self referral. During your first splinting consultation, a mold of your hand will be taken and a quotation for fees determined. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete this first step, and this initial consultation may be completed by your primary treating therapist. When the mold is completed, it will be filled and a positive model of your hand will be made. At this time you will receive a tax invoice with payment instructions. Payment can be made by cheque, money order, bank debit or PayPal. Once payment is received, your leather splint will be custom made using the model of your hand. The entire process takes approximately 7-14 days depending on the complexity of splint and scheduling.

Please note that some private insurance companies will reimburse for custom splints. However, the percentage of reimbursement, if any, is variable. It is recommended that you check with your insurer before we proceed. Upon delivery of the splint you will receive an official tax receipt and a letter indicating the medical necessity of the splint.  


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