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Custom-made leather splints are fabricated in a way that ensures a comfortable, supportive and accurate fit over a long period of time.  They are ideal for chronic wrist and thumb pain such as that associated with arthritis and chronic RSI. Furthermore, for long-term use, custom leather splints are considered more environmentally and economically friendly then both pre-fabricated and thermoplastic splints. For the management of chronic upper limb pain, a leather splint is an excellent option. Custom-made leather splints are comfortable, durable, supportive and stylish.



In an article published in the journal, “Arthritis and Rheumatism”, which compared the effectiveness of leather splits with two other commonly used non-leather, pre-fabricated splints, 93% of patients reported greater satisfaction with leather splints and none of the patients required replacement due to wear and tear after extended use. 




SourceHASKETT, S., BACKMAN, C., PORTER, B., GOYERT, J. AND PALEJKO, G. (2004). A Crossover Trial of Custom-Made and Commercially Available Wrist Splints in Adults With Inflammatory Arthritis; Arthritis & Rheumatism (Arthritis Care & Research), 51(5), pp.792–799.



Our Splints are hand-crafted and uniquely designed using locally sourced high-quality 1.4-1.8mm vegetable tanned cow hide.  Two layers of leather are seperately stretched and dried on the mold. Between the layers, high temperature thermplatic is shaped in the oven to give the splint extra support and stability . The leather is then hand dyed using water based eco-friendly leather dye. 


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